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Khrome is focused in offering customers a simple and easy solution to improve their working space area and help organise their storage facilities. The emphasis was on creating a solution that was at times bespoke to the requirements of his customers but at all times remaining commercially viable.

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The Managing Director Mr N.S. Brar is strongly focused on promoting our products throughout the whole of Europe with major emphasis on customer service and to deliver orders on time.
As a major supplier of shelving solutions in Europe, we have made a tight bond with many manufacturers in the world and in particular the USA. The market leading firms in the States have created strong relationships with us at Khrome and we have made all efforts to represent their products within the EU.


We have been investing heavily in better infrastructure and forging a stronger bond with our suppliers so that we can pass on all benefits to our customers. We keep a check on all our competitors to make sure we can offer our product at the most competitive rates. Our personnel are committed to offering a high level of service giving you more value.

We are proud to say we have over the last few years been able to offer high levels of service with low failure rates culminating into genuine cost reductions with more innovative products being offered and faster delivery times for our customers.


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